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WWDC 2012: iOS 6, New Macbook Hardware, and Mountain Lion

Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference 2012 kicks off this week, and Applephiles can be excited about several announcements.

The company’s CEO Tim Cook is scheduled to roll out the latest iPhone operating system, iOS 6—which will likely feature the company’s much buzzed-about new Maps App that parts ways with Google. Ahead of the official kickoff from the west coast, the Apple Store went down online, spurring rumors about some of the new hardware items that will be available as well. Expect a familiar line of MacBook Pros and Mac Pros with bumped specs. A thinner MacBook Pro with a fancy Retina display may also be unveiled.

The conference may have iCloud news as well, but those drooling over rumored changes to the iPhone 5 design probably won’t get real answers until this fall.  And there may be some bad news for original iPad owners this week—the new operating system may not work for you. The only thing more reliable than Apple’s release schedule? The company’s ability to make you buy new stuff.