The Journey of Jim DeMint

From 2005, on John Roberts:

He is brilliant, fair, and independent. Judge Roberts has the right judicial philosophy, and I’m confident he will strictly interpret the law, and not legislate from the bench. Judge Roberts is a man of integrity and has a humble approach to his role as chief justice.

From 2007, on Mitt Romney.

[T]he governor just looked at the numbers like a good businessman and realized that we could give people private insurance policies cheaper than we could provide free health care. And what that does is spread out the risk; it gets the government out of the health care business and actually makes the health care system work a lot better.

The legislature in Massachusetts made it a little harder to make these policies affordable, but we’ve got probably over 20 states now that are trying to copy what he did, and that’s a good sign that people think he’s on the right track.

From today, at the Heritage Foundation.

Whether it’s their mandate or our mandate, it’s not a good idea. We need to send this to the states.