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South Korea Striking Evolution From Textbooks After Campaign by Religious Group

South Korean high school textbooks will no longer feature information about animal evolution, following a succesful campaign by religious groups. A photo of Christians praying against Lady Gaga’s concert in the country earlier this year.

Photo by KIM JAE-HWAN/AFP/Getty Images

They’ve got religion, and that’s why South Korea is getting rid of evolution in textbooks.

The move is the result of a successful campaign led by creationist group Society for Textbook Revise, which has been calling for the “error” of information about animals’ evolution to be excluded from high school textbooks.

Publishers have obliged, according to Korea’s Minister of Education Science and Technology. The group’s next target? Removing information about the evolution of man from textbooks.

Nearly one-third of Koreans don’t believe in evolution, not too far from the United States where the nearly 40 percent of the population don’t believe in the theory made popular by Charles Darwin.

Video produced by Krishnan Vasuvedan.