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Rebekah Brooks and Prime Minister David Cameron: Text Buddies

If you thought top members of the American press were friendly with politicians, you should see how they do it across the pond.

Just as British Prime Minister David Cameron is testifying in court to prove there was no favors-for-favors deal between his Conservative Party and Rupert Murdoch’s news empire, a text message seems to throw his protests into doubt.

A text shows infamous former News of the World head Rebekah Brooks chiding Cameron for missing a party held by her parent company News International.

Part of an exchange that suggests Cameron is miffed about a story in the Times, Brooks assures him “professionally we’re in this together,” ahead of a big speech for the PM, saying “Yes he Cam.”

That latter part was the headline on Brook’s company’s paper the Sun, the very next day. She also says they should chat soon over “country supper.” What’s “country supper”? Apparently a British ritual where controversial tabloid executives and powerful politicians discuss mutual back-scratching.