Morning Round-up: Islamic Brotherhood

Supporters of Muslim Brotherhood candidate Mohammed Mursi (portraits) pray on their national flag as others wave flags and posters during celebrations in Cairo’s Tahrir square on June 18, 2012 following the announcement by Islamists that their candidate won Egypt’s first free presidential vote since its uprising. Army-backed rival Ahmed Shafiq, who served as prime minister to deposed dictator Hosni Mubarak, disputed the announcement. 

Photo by PATRICK BAZ/AFP/GettyImages

The Islamic Brotherhood has claimed victory in Egypt’s presidential elections, though the military does not look poised to give up much power.

Pro-Bailout, pro-European Union parties narrowly won yesterday’s hotly-anticipated parliamentary elections in Greece, easing fears the country will abandon the euro.

Ohio State Treasurer Josh Mandel is getting bailed out by Republican Super PACs in his bid to unseat Democratic Senator Sherrod Brown.

Obama’s big announcement on immigration Friday is encouraging to advocates, but they have little time to celebrate with the Supreme Court about to rule on Arizona’s harsh anti-illegal immigrant law.

And the two campaigns’ stances on Mitt Romney’s tenure at Bain Capital have become something of a muddle, Obama apparently deciding not to launch an all-out assault on private equity.

What else is happening?