Morning round-up: Berkley Gets Hammered

Republican Senate candidate (and former Senator) George Allen easily dispatched his Tea Party challenger in Virginia, setting up an epic showdown with former Governor (and Obama ally) Tim Kaine. This one’s gonna be close.

Rep. Gabby Giffords’ aide Ron Barber handily won her old seat in the Arizona special election last night, though Dems probably shouldn’t read too much into it for November.

Obama is sinking $14 million into new TV ad spending, a massive early investment suggesting now is the time for both candidates to define the race on their terms.

The Feds and the State of the Florida are suing each other over Gov. Rick Scott’s controversial purge of the voter rolls.

A new ABC/Washington Post survey finds swing voters not exactly in love with Obama’s economic agenda.

American Crossroads is up with its latest barrage of anti-Dem Senate ads, including this brutal spot going after Nevada Rep. Shelley Berkley (who officially won her party’s nod last night):

North Dakota voters decided to keep their property tax.

Dems will have a hard time holding on to Mike Ross’ congressional seat in Arkansas.

And independent former Gov. Angus King is still looking formidable in Maine.

What’d I miss?