Morning Round-up: ‘Doing Fine’ On The Air

Adam Smith at the Tampa Bay Times thinks Florida Senator Marco Rubio’s stock is rising again as a potential Mitt Romney vice-presidential pick.

Romney is going on Bob Scheiffer’s “Face The Nation” Sunday, his first non-Fox News Sunday talk show appearance this year.

Obama’s making a big speech on the economy in (where else?) Ohio today, marking an adjustment in his message as Democrats have started to panic.

Josh Green looks at how Obama Campaign Manager Jim Messina is running the re-elect like a Silicon Valley tech company.

Andrew Kaczynski’s latest find at BuzzFeed is Romney media strategist Stuart Stevens (not working for the candidate at the time) speaking to Ted Kennedy’s campaign successfully playing the “Mormon Card” against Mitt in 1994.

And Romney’s campaign is up with a new TV ad using Obama’s “private sector is doing fine” comments against him, almost identical (in music, visuals, etc.) to a spot Obama ran against McCain after he said “the fundamentals of our economy are strong” in September 2008:

What else is going on?