Morning Round-up: Booed In Boston

Mitt Romney’s campaign works on its ground game, which hasn’t been getting as much attention as that of Obama and the Democrats.

Hillsborough County in central Florida, which went for Bush in 2000 and 2004 and Obama four years ago, remains a bellweather for November.

If the Supreme Court does strike down ‘Obamacare’ on Thursday, a large majority want work to begin on a new bill.

Ben Jacobs explains how yesterday’s immigration ruling included a “nakedly political” dissent by Justice Scalia, who took the opportunity to go after the Obama administration. Here’s the kicker: “The health care decision is only days away and it is explicit that at least one justice is making his decisions on political grounds.”

Charlie Rangel tries to hang on for a 22nd term in Harlem.

And Barack Obama gets into trouble talking baseball at his Boston fundraiser with Elizabeth Warren.

What else is happening?