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Microsoft’s Windows 8 and Smart Glass: Smart Multiplatform Moves?

Microsoft is seeking to revamp its position in the mobile-led industry market with its new PC and tablet-compatible OS, Windows 8.

Photo by JUNG YEON-JE/AFP/GettyImages

Windows 8 will have a lot of bells and whistles for the office and PC user, but the biggest news about Microsoft’s flagship operating system may be more about Microsoft Office and gaming going mobile.

Business Insider continues speculation that during its scheduled launch this fall at the company’s SharePoint conference, Microsoft Office could be available not only for new Windows tablets but also those running iOS and Android. That development would satisfy millions of users, but it could also provide a solid revenue stream to Microsoft from Apple. Of course, the rumors haven’t been confirmed by either Apple or Microsoft yet. 

Beyond upgrades to PowerPoint, Windows 8 supposedly features much-improved Xbox integration, and this week the company will reportedly launch Smart Glass—an application like AirPlay for the Xbox. Which could mean playing games on your tablet and phone as well as your home system with ease, whether it’s iOS, Android, or windows. Could Microsoft be finally heeding the multiplatform calls of consumers? Let’s hope so.