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Michigan Lawmaker Says “Vagina,” Is Banned From House Floor

Rep. Lisa Brown was banned from speaking in the Michigan State House after using the word “vagina” in a debate about abortion rights.

Apparently even a topical vagina monologue is not appropriate for the Michigan state House.

Democratic Rep. Lisa Brown was banned from speaking on the floor of her state’s legislature this week after engaging Republican lawmakers over a bill that would put restrictions on Michigan abortion rights.

“I’m flattered that you’re all so interested in my vagina,” said Brown to the Speaker, “But ‘no’ means ‘no.’ ”

The legislation in question, which easily passed the House with Republican votes and is now headed to the Senate, would prohibit abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy, and put other restrictions on providers. Brown said her impassioned argument came from a concern for abortions when a mother’s life is in danger during a pregnancy.

A Republican majority spokesman said GOP Floor Leader Jim Stamas deemed Brown’s comments in violation of House decorum guidelines. She was then banned from debating a bill later in the week.

“If they are going to legislate my anatomy, I see no reason why I cannot Mention it,” Brown told the Detroit Free Press.

Video by Dallas Jensen.