Leonard Boswell, Iowa Democrat, Wants You To Name His Bull

Democrats may have a huge disadvantage when it comes to super PACs, but they can apparently still come up with clever grassroots fundraising appeals.

Leonard Boswell, the Democratic congressman from Iowa’s 3rd District perhaps best known for fighting off an armed intruder in his home last year, is encouraging donations to his re-election campaign by offering supporters the chance to name his new bull.

“Today, Leonard Boswell is set to purchase a new bull for his farm in Southwest Iowa,” the appeal reads. “A lifelong farmer, Leonard takes his cattle operation seriously. But today, he’s going to give supporters like you a chance to name his new bull!”

The pitch ends with a mention of his opponent, Congressman Tom Latham (their two districts were merged by the latest round of redistricting).

“So help us wrangle in this election and put Tom Latham out to pasture. Don’t wait, contribute $5 or more right now to have a chance to name Leonard’s bull!”

Only time will tell if this proves to be the silver bullet Boswell needs to survive the onslaught of attack ads from Karl Rove’s Crossroads GPS 501(c)(4) “social welfare organization.”