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Commerce Secretary John Bryson Suffered Seizure Ahead of Double Hit-and-Run Accidents

U.S. Secretary of Commerce John Bryson has been implicated in a felony hit-and-run case after allegedly crashing a Lexus into two vehicles in Los Angeles.

Bryson, who was in California to give a commencement speech, reportedly rear-ended one car that was waiting for a train pass with his Lexus, spoke to the vehicle’s driver and passengers, and then drove off only to crash into a separate car. He was later found unconscious behind the wheel, according to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.

People involved in the accidents were treated for minor injuries. A Commerce Department spokesperson told Politico that the 68-year-old Bryson suffered a seizure, according to medical personnel who treated him at a hospital where he was kept overnight. Bryson passed a breathalyzer test administered at the hospital; results of a toxicology blood test will be available later this week. The secretary, chosen last October by Obama to help create jobs in the private and public sectors, is taking personal time to recover from the accident.   

Video by Paca Thomas.

Correction, June 11, 2012: A headline on this blog post originally stated that Bryson suffered a stroke.