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Google’s New Technology Announcement Proves Map Apps War With Apple

Google’s war with Apple for the best mobile map application is heating up. The Google street view mapping and camera charts the streets of Brasília, Brazil’s capital.

Photo by PEDRO LADEIRA/AFP/Getty Images

It’s a maps battle that makes your average epic game of Risk seem like a mere skirmish.

After Apple hinted it was parting ways with Google Maps for its own proprietary system and application, Google is firing back, announcing it has new mapping technology ahead of Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference.

In an invite sent to press last week, Google promised to “show off some of the newest technology and give a sneak peak at upcoming features,” according to CNET. No word yet on whether the mapping technology will be for Google’s Chrome browser or for android phones or both, but mobile support seems likely.

Will Google’s new application include something similar to Apple’s powerful new 3-D mode, which, according to 9-to-5 Mac, boasts “beautiful, realistic graphics”? Stay tuned as Map Wars 2012 continues.

Video produced by Jim Festante.