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David Letterman Scolds Justin Bieber for His New Tattoo

Today David Letterman is both the envy and the target of thousands of Justin Bieber fans.

Not only did he touch the young pop star, the talk show host might have hurt him by scratching at Bieber’s new tattoo. On Late Night With David Letterman to perform his single “Boyfriend” from new album Believe, Biebs drew the baleful gaze of Letterman for a fresh tat on his arm that he got to celebrate the new record.

“Tell me that’s the last one,” the late-night host demanded.

“It might be,” demurred Bieber.

Then Letterman grabbed the singer’s arm and pretended to try and wipe away the ink. After screeching very unmusical protest, the pop megastar dismissed his elder with a wave of his hand, saying, “grampas.”

When does the Justin Bieber-David Letterman buddy movie come out? That broad potential demographic is a goldmine.