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Chrome’s Awesome Lego Building Application Will Ruin Your Productivity

A project made for Google’s Chrome browser called “build with chrome” allows you to make digital lego projects on Australia or New Zealand.

Photo by Oli Scarff/Getty Images

Google and Lego are conspiring to ensure your workday is unproductive, unless you’re building your own digital house.

The two companies have teamed up and released Build, an online simulator that allows you to build with Lego bricks in Google’s Chrome browser. The application presents a map of Australia and New Zealand, where you can choose a plot of land and begin creating by using 12 different types of 3-D Lego bricks, with 10 different color options, rotating schematics, and more.

The two companies plan to roll out additional country maps soon until the entire world is Lego’d. No word yet on whether they’ll add some “green building” options, but we’re looking forward to the Scottish Castle and Caribbean Pirate versions.

Video by Jim Festante.