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Bombshell: Paris Hilton Is Not a Very Good DJ

DJ Paris Hilton: Were more ominous words ever spoken?

According to TMZ, Hilton has been hanging around Deadmau5 and Afrojack, planning her reign as the queen of house music while working on an album with David Guetta.

But even if you can hang with the coolest music-makers, doesn’t mean you can be one. Hilton debuted her new single “Last Night” during Brazil’s POP Festival, and things didn’t go exactly as planned: It was so bad, an assistant had to turn down the gain for her while 20 seconds of Rihanna’s “We Found Love” began playing during her set for no discernible reason. Divine pop music intervention, perhaps?

From acting to singing, the socialite has been searching for a talent to justify her fame for quite some time now. She might have to keep looking.