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Apple’s iOS 6 and Other Rollouts Hint at Future Plans and Enemies

After the keynote speech from Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference beginning this week, there is plenty of news to pick through.

The company unveiled everything from its new operating system, iOS 6, to extra-skinny new MacBook Pro models that feature internal hardware upgrades and new Retina displays. As part of the iOS 6 rollout, customers can expect better voice recognition and information mining from Siri, which is now available for the latest iPad. Video calling via Facetime gets an update, as does iOS integration with Facebook. 

The company didn’t shy away from targeting the competition, either. Among those in Apple’s sights? Google and their map offerings—now supposedly matched by Apple’s turn-by-turn directions, and read-it-later applications like Instapaper, which may be made obsolete by Safari’s new ability to save pages to look at later offline. Will the company’s hardware and software updates further solidify its growing tech world dominance? Ask the geeks in a few weeks—or check sales on those new iPads.

Video by Krishnan Vasuvedan.