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Apple Alters Website Language About Security in Wake of Flashback Trojan Virus

Apple die-hards, one of your bragging rights has been officially and quietly removed. Just a few months after a report that over half a million Apple computers had been infected by the Flashback Trojan virus, the company has removed language from its website suggesting OS X isn’t vulnerable to viruses.

The specific language about the operating system, “It doesn’t get PC viruses” was replaced with “It’s built to be safe.”

A longtime selling point for Macs has been that they are less susceptible to forms of malware—in part because many haven’t been created for them. But that era appears to be ending.

The good news? Apple may be taking security threats more seriously. PC World reports the new language on the company website along with other concrete plans, like a new feature for Mountain Lion called Gatekeeper, may prove Apple is ramping up security measures. Now, if they can just stop interrupting us all the time with the software update suggestions, we Apple lovers could live in peace and quiet.