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Yahoo’s Axis Extension Aims for Search Success but Suffers a Security Speed Bump

Yahoo launches new Axis Extension, but the search engine tool hits a speedbump.

Photo by David Paul Morris/Getty Images

It’s been a while since the tech giant was a game changer in the world of search, but Yahoo’s Axis Extension may put it back in the running.

The new search software, released as an app for Apple’s iPads and iPhones as well as a plug-in for browsers, replaces the familiar set of links in search results with a swipeable string of page previews. It’s a more visual way to interact with search, and with easy sharing functions for Twitter and Pinterest, a trending topics preview, and other innovations, Axis could put the company back on the map as a browsing tool.

Of course, getting back on the search engine map isn’t always a smooth transition. Along with releasing Axis, the company also managed to leak a private security key in its version for Chrome that could allow the creation of malicious plug-ins that would appear like part of the official Axis software. Smooth move, Yahoos.