Who’s Taking Credit for Beating Richard Lugar?

Richard Mourdock’s victory has a thousand fathers. There was the Mourdock campaign itself, which brought Lugar on good-government issues like his voting residence. There was the Club for Growth, which invested heavy in the race, and FreedomWorks, which organized Tea Partiers very early on. And then, apparently, there was every other conservative who made a murmur about the race. Among the fundraising appeals I’ve received so far, the Tea Party Express:

Last year, the Tea Party Express held a press conference in Indiana along with many local Tea Party groups and endorsed Richard Mourdock for U.S. Senate and announced that one of our top priorities in 2012 would be to defeat RINO U.S. Senator Dick Lugar. With your support and dedication, we did it!

… Thanks to you, the Tea Party Express has grown to be the largest Tea Party political action committee in the country. Our campaigns have led to key Tea Party victories all across the nation. Now, with the 2012 elections quickly approaching, must be ready!Click here and donate $25, $50, $100, $250, $500, $1000, or even more!

Herman Cain:

“We the People have just taken a huge step forward in the mission to get our power back from the clutches of Washington, D.C.,” Cain said. “By adopting my 9-9-9 plan, Richard Mourdock has shown he is committed to simple, common sense solutions to the nation’s biggest problems. I am proud the voters recognized this as well’

TheTeaParty.net sends out an appeal from Todd Cefaratti, the group’s “freedom organizer.”

While we can be grateful for the victory in Indiana, there is much work still to be done if we are going to turn our country away from the cliff our elected officials have been driving us toward for the last 50+ years. We did not win every race we were hoping for because we did not have the resources to battle on every front. As much as we wish it were not so, modern politics is as much a battle of money as it is a battle of ideas.

We are fighting a well funded machine on the left whose donors include billionaires like George Soros and a host of others who know that they will reap the benefits of corrupt politics from their “investment”. Our strength is in our numbers. We do not have billionaires footing the bill to educate voters about what is at stake in this election. We rely on everyday Americans who give $10 or $20 at a time so we can pool our resources together to fight the special interests groups that are destroying America for their own benefit.

I notice this in Wisconsin, too: a bunch of small-beer Tea Party groups issuing endless appeals for money, when it’s not at all clear what they’re actually doing in the state.