he Trayvon Martin Target, No Longer for Sale

Mike DeForest’s story about the sale of a “Trayvon Martin” shooting target is fascinating. First, DeForest “has been unable to determine the identity of the seller,” but he’s talked to him, and learned (in the seller’s words) that his “main motivation was to make money off the controversy.” The guy clammed right up after DeForest admitted that he was a reporter. trayvontarget Second, the story has heft because both Martin and Zimmerman attorneys have condemned the target. Look at DeForest’s report – Natalie Jackson, Martin’s most local attorney, gets plenty of time to talk about the outrage, and even to plug the new Stand Your Ground-skeptic organization set up by Martin’s mother. Zimmerman’s attorney is left sputtering that this makes it “harder to try the case.” Which it does. After Zimmerman was arrested, Sanford simmered down, as did the national media’s focus on the story. Zimmerman’s attorneys were piecing together a new biography of their man. They can’t afford these kinds of reblog-ready offenses.
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