The “Newt Hates Mitt” Video Done Wrong

The Obama campaign brackets Newt Gingrich’s drop-out speech today with a video edited to remind us that he really didn’t respect Mitt Romney.

Eh. This is a run to first base, I guess. The clips are a little long, aren’t they? One reason is Gingrich’s pretentious speaking style – it takes an unusually long time for him to elucidate this or that reason that Romney can’t be trusted. Another reason is that the clips are weak. “Is he still the most anti-immigrant candidate?” asks Wolf Blitzer? “Of the four of us, yes.” That’s not very powerful, is it?

Compare that to the the classic Reagan ad that ran after Ted Kennedy quit the primary against Jimmy Carter.

There we go! You need angry live video, not canned in-studio stuff, to open up wounds.