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Survivor: One World: Kim Spradlin Wins With Strategy and Durable Alliance

Keep your enemies close, but maybe keep your friends closer, after all. That’s what Kim Spradlin did to win Survivor: One World.

The cunning 29-year-old Texas bridal shop owner outlasted the allies she brought to the final jury including school teacher Sabrina Thompson and medical saleswoman Chelsea Meissner, all while engineering the dismissal of the entire nine-person jury of former players.

Along with a cool $1 million, Stradlin also took home $100,000 for being a fan favorite of this season, which broke the two tribes into sexes, all living under one jungle roof.

Where are the bandana-clad, two-timing, conniving contestants heading next season? Survivor is going to the Philippines. 

Video produced by Krishnan Vasuvedan.