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The Story of Scumbag Steve, or What Happens to Memes When They Become Self Aware?

Blake Boston, aka the original Scumbag Steve, and inspiration for one of the most popular image macro memes birthed from the frothing hive minds of Reddit and 4Chan, has attempted to capitalize on his unintential fame by releasing a rap video both parodying and celebrating his alter ego.
What started as a Reddit user posting a series of images using text on an anonymous photo in order to ridicule generic social douchebaggery, quickly grew into a popularly shared and transformed joke template with over 4 million google search results…a story which conveniently serves as an almost dictionary definition for the often confusing concept of  “internet meme”.
Now, with his surprisingly catchy and funny rap single, has Blake broken his own meme by proving himself a generally decent dude?  Or does that irony only make it sweeter?  His video will certainly net thousands of views, but, traditionally, attempts to reverse or harness meme fame have been disappointing, if not disastrous.  We can only hope this Scumbag Steve doesn’t become a Bad Luck Brian.