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Romney’s iPhone App Spells This Great Nation “Amercia”

A photo of the White House taken with an iPhone and the application ‘With Mitt’ from the campaign of Republican Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney, which spells America wrong.


He’s not even president yet, but Mitt Romney is trying to reorder the very fabric of our great nation … by misspelling it in his new iPhone app.

Yes, in a copy-editing fail that surely has a developer or two in hibernation today, the Romney campaign’s new smartphone application spelled America, “Amercia.” The app, which seems otherwise correct, allows supporters to share customized photos with picture frames that boast slogans supporting the former Massachusetts governor, like “I’m a mom for Mitt” and “Obama Isn’t Working.” Also not working? The spell check.


Of course, it won’t hurt him too much—the GOP candidate scored the necessary delegates in Texas this week to clinch the nomination. But the digital gaffe did inspire a new Twitter hashtag, of course. Better yet, it may not be fixed for days. Maybe Mitt’s people just got confused watching the pronunciation of the last Republican president.

Video by Paca Thomas.