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Robin Gibb Dead at 62: Bee Gees Brother Helped Define Disco

Robin Gibb is dead at the age of 62 after a long battle with colon and liver cancer.

Along with brothers Maurice and Barry, Gibb made the Bee Gees into one of the most famous disco bands in the world with unique harmonies and radio-friendly songwriting.

The three boys were born in Britain and began to gain attention for their vocal talents in the 1960s; Robin provided the memorable lead on one of their first hits, “I Started a Joke.”

But the smooth-voiced trio rocketed into the limelight in the ’70s with a set of songs made for disco. Soundtracking the popular film Saturday Night Fever, starring John Travolta, helped the men in matching suits sell over 200 million albums worldwide.

Twin Maurice died in 2003, and Robin’s passing leaves Barry as the last remaining Bee Gee. Another brother, Andy Gibb, died at 30 years old from a heart infection. After Donna Summer’s death, it’s been a tough week for disco. But some fans surely think Gibb’s heavenly voice is finally where it belongs.