Peace, Unity, Love, and Havin’ Fun

OSHKOSH, Wis. – My friends at the Free Beacon wonder if a cancelled Wisconsin Democratic “unity rally” bodes ill for the party. The defeated candidates and the victors were originally expected to head to Madison on Wednesday night for a grip-and-grin event, a kick-off to the general election. “Instead of uniting in celebration at the Capitol now,” say the Democrats (on Facebook), “we need to unite in action all across the state.”

Are the Dems in Disarray? The official explanation, from state party spokesman Graeme Zielinski, is that “the candidates will have a unity event instead.” There’ll be some breakfast, a literal breaking of bread, to be held in whichever city the winner lives. (The likely winner is either Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett or former Dane County [Madison] executive Kathleen Falk.) “No rally,” says Zielinski. “Turning it into a Day of Action.”