Opening Act: Weird and Creepy

The New York Times puts five (5) reporters on the Ric Grenell beat for a tick-tock of how he became a former Romney adviser.

Ms. Gitcho, of the campaign, disputed that characterization. Mr. Romney, she said, “has condemned voices of intolerance within the party. We tried to persuade Mr. Grenell to stay on, and we were disappointed that he chose to resign.”

“Voices of intolerance!” Over to you, Bryan Fischer.

Jonathan Chait comes not to praise Newt, but to bury him.

Gingrich was a true pioneer in his recognition that the social norms that governed the behavior of the parties in Washington were an anachronism. The best way for the minority party to regain power, he understood, was a slash-and-burn campaign to discredit the majority.

By that measure, the Gingrich presidential campaign didn’t actually add anything to his legacy. Which is not a loopy argument. Apropos of nothing, this is the best of the many fundraising asks in my inbox.

Kagan took $20 million to enforce Muslim Sharia law. Will she recuse Obamacare?

And Shep Smith defines politics for the rest of us brain-dead slobs.