Opening Act: Pro-Business

The lesson of this story is less that Reince Priebus blames Obama for racism, more that he has installed a CHANGE SUBJECT TO JOBS chip in his medulla oblongata.

Would you believe that Harold Ford is endorsing a pro-business critique of the administration?

Elizabeth Warren moves on from “plagiarism” accusations.

Phil Klein writes on how conservatives can go beyond settling for Romney, and start exploiting him.

[B]y not acting like a cheap date, conservatives could go a long way toward preventing Romney from reverting back to his moderate to liberal Massachusetts past, and in the process, move the policy debate rightward. But that won’t be enough. Exerting maximum pressure on Romney from the right will also require electing a Congress that’s filled with as many conviction conservatives as possible – people who are willing to fight for limited government not just when a Democrat is in the White House and it’s easy, but when it means opposing a Republican president. On this last front, it’s important to take some lessons from the experience during the Bush years, when a Republican-controlled Congress and a Republican president colluded to explode the size and scope of government.

This isn’t really political, but Gizmodo’s #longread about the decline of Flickr is completely fascinating.