Opening Act: Hurt Locker

Eli Lake trawls the Judicial Watch FOIA and asks whether the CIA let Hollywood see info that it wouldn’t give reporters.

Marie Harf, a former CIA spokeswoman who is now working with Obama’s reelection campaign, wrote in one email to a colleague to arrange a meeting with the filmmakers that Boal “has met with a number of your colleagues in CTC (Counterterrorism Center) and throughout the Agency. One of those folks he’s chatted with is [redacted], who recommended you as someone else who might want to sit down with Mark … he’s spoken to a number of folks who worked on the operation from [HQS], and to your predecessor [redacted], but he’s looking for more color about what it was like to be working this from the field.”The released emails and transcripts also show Jeremy Bash, who was then-CIA Director Leon Panetta’s chief of staff, trying to help “unclog” the filmmakers’ access to special operations command. The Pentagon now says a meeting discussed and planned in those documents with a special operations planner never happened.

David Greenberg reviews the new Ike bio.

Stephanie Mencimer may be the last reporter combing Tea Party financial documents. Lucky for us, she’s the best.

And it’s been four years since Larry Johnson told us about the “whitey tape.”