Opening Act: Fischer

An interesting Americans Elect side-story: The advocacy of official advisors who weren’t suppose to advocate for candidates.

Sean Sullivan explains the Nebraska upset.

Also, I asked the Gary Johnson campaign about Ron Paul spox Jesse Benton’s pledge that the congressman won’t endorse the Libertarian. Johnson campaign strategist Ron Nielson responds:

Continuing and growing the Ron Paul revolution is not about endorsements.  It is about making sure civil liberties, non-intervention and a real commitment to smaller government are in the national conversation, and they will not be if the conversation is only between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. While Governor Johnson would obviously like to have Congressman Paul’s endorsement, we have not asked for it, nor do we expect it.  Ron Paul has an important role to play in the Republican Party in the months ahead, and Governor Johnson has an important role to play in offering voters a third choice in November.

We are confident that Governor Johnson will successfully appeal to Ron Paul voters on the basis of shared values and his position as the only proven proponent of constitutionally-based smaller government and an anti-war foreign policy based on non-intervention.