My Favorite Reaction to Tina Brown’s “First Gay President” Cover

It comes from Larry Sinclair, the guy who claimed – at an extremely high-attendance press conference in 2008 – to have had carnal knowledge with a cocaine-snorting Barack Obama. His story made the cover of the Globe tabloid many times; his book’s subtitle was “Sex, Cocaine, Lies, and Murder?” But he’s mostly moved on, and his piece about the Newsweek “gay halo” cover has a hint of resignation. If you’re a Godfather franchise fan, you remember Michael moaning that they “keep pullin’ me back in” after the failed assassination attempt.

[W]e predict that Barack Obama will come out of the closet if not before the November 6, 2012 election, before he is sworn in on Jan 20, 2013 if he is re-elected. Obama is completely consumed with making everything about him and his administration “Historic.” He has already played the “Historic” Americas first Black President despite his having to evolve into being black for political purposes, and the only thing he can do to make history now is to come OUT as Americas first Black openly gay President! He will come out, whether on his own terms or others, he will come out and Michelle Obama will not walk out and will not play the “I had no idea” game because its never been a secret.

In the rest of the media, Newsweek’s decision to call Obama the “first gay president” has been received as a wink at Toni Morrison’s “first black president” essay. That was the intention, surely. I’d doubt Newsweek editors thought about the Obama conspiracy theory that still pops up on the supermarket check-out line every few weeks.