Meet Keith Judd, the Superhero Inmate Winning Delegates Against Barack Obama

With 60-odd percent of the vote counted in West Virginia’s Democratic primary, a man named Keith Judd can make a unique claim. He has won a greater proportion of the vote – almost 40 percent – than any other primary candidate running against Barack Obama.
Who’s Keith Judd? He’s prisoner #11593-051, currently serving out a sentence for making threats at the University of New Mexico. In 2008, he caused a minor stir for making the Idaho primary ballot, confounding state officials, who thought they had rules preventing that sort of thing. Unbowed, he ran again this year, delivering FEC reports every quarter – although said reports are typically just essays containing his current worries about the Republic. From April:
Screen shot 2012-05-08 at 10.16.23 PM According to the inspiringly thorough VoteSmart, Judd’s criminal record is distracting us from an impressive resume. He’s credited as “Founder, World Peace Through Musical Communications Skills, 1963-present,” and “Member, Federation of Super Heroes, 1976-1982.” (We all remember what happened in 1982. Don’t make me describe it again.)
Four years ago, Barack Obama went into West Virginia and got mowed down, winning only 26 percent of the vote and losing every county to Hillary Clinton. He’s doing better tonight. But consider the competition – this guy’s not set to be released from prison until next June.
(Photo: Votesmart.org)