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Mayan Calendar 2012 Date Change: Doomsday Postponed, Maybe Canceled

A new Mayan discovery suggests 2012 might not end the calendar after all. The Mayan sculpture ‘Plaque of Venus’ (Venus was one of the most important celestial bodies in the Mayan astronomical observations).

Photo by RAUL ARBOLEDA/AFP/Getty Images

Put away your “The End is Neigh” signs, all of you apocalypse predictors. That 2012 date you thought the ancient Mayan calendar set for the Big Adios appears to be bogus.

Archeologists working at Mayan ruins in Guatemala discovered a six-foot square room whose walls are covered with 1,200-year-old astronomical records of Mayan scribes, who used these observations to accurately chart their culture’s famous calendar. The newly discovered calculations suggest Mayan Math Geeks were actually projecting dates 6000 years into the future—scrambling everyone’s doomsday plans and rendering John Cusack thriller plots moot.

At 600 years older than other Mayan astrological calendars, this new discovery is  believed to be a more definitive source for their predictions. So maybe we can all rest a little easier, and maybe Saturday Night Live was right, after all, about the reason for the 2012 fear mongering.

Video produced by Paca Thomas.