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Maps App for iOS 6 Reportedly Won’t Come From Google, Will Have 3-D Views

Apple is reportedly ditching Google for an updated Maps application on iOS 6.

Photo Illustration by Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images

Apple is showing Google Maps the door, with turn-by-turn instructions on how to get there.

Several sources are reporting rumors that iOS 6 will feature a mapping system run in-house, instead of through Google, and it’s purported to be cleaner, faster, and more reliable.

But the most buzz worthy feature about Apple’s new Maps application is the powerful new 3-D mode, which, according to 9-to-5 Mac, creates “beautiful, realistic graphics based on de-classified missile target algorithms.” A demo from one of the companies acquired by Apple, C3 Technologies, shows striking images from London.

Maps and iOS 6 announcements are expected in mid-June, during Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference.

Video produced by Jim Festante.