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Justin Bieber Norway Concert Leaves Nearly 50 Teenage Girls Injured After Oslo Stampede

What do they call Bieber fever in Nowray? Scandinavian mania, of course, and this week it is on the rise.

After the teen heartthrob announced he would perform a free four-song show outside the Oslo Opera House in Norway, around 15,000 fans overran the city, mobbing the streets. The mayor of the city reportedly had to hide behind a tree to avoid being trampled, and some fans even took to paddling inflatable rafts across a water area to reach the stage.

According to TMZ, a whopping 49 teenage girls were injured, 14 were taken away for emergency care, and police nearly declared a state of emergency in the city.

Bieber took to Twitter to beg his fans to comply with police, and the concert was eventually allowed to proceed. The power of Bieber … it can be used for good as well as evil.