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Josh Beckett’s Subpar Red Sox Pitching Has Fans Tee’d off About Golf Outings

Red Sox pitcher Josh Beckett is bringing an extra layer to the term Masshole, after his apparent love for the game of golf has resulted in some subpar performances on the mound.

The ace was booed off the field at Fenway this week, after poor pitching against Cleveland got him pulled. Golfing on off days is common for ball players, but Beckett is recovering from an injury: a sore lat muscle in his back. He was recently taken off a scheduled start for the Sox because of stiffness. A failure to make it through playoffs last season and this season’s losing record of 12 and 18 has fans frustrated.

Boston Manager Bobby Valentine says he understands those frustrations, but has downplayed the golf outings of Beckett—who also got in hot water last year for drinking beer and eating fried chicken on game days he wasn’t pitching.