In Which A White AFL-CIO State President Smashes a Nikki Haley Pinata

Is there no Yahoo! Answers page for minor political figures? Was there no one at AFL-CIO South Carolina President Donna Dewitt’s retirement party who said either…

1) “Maybe you shouldn’t pummel a pinata with Nikki Haley’s face on it.”


2) “If you pummel it, maybe we should not record it and upload it to YouTube.”

Really, the videographer – “edbex” – is a progressive whose first videos taped what he saw at 2007 Obama rallies. Not a tracker!

This is a perfect example of the bonus utility non-white politicians add to the GOP. It’s only been a week since a South Carolina Democratic strategist, mocking Haley for her attempt to revive an ally’s career, called her “Sikh Jesus.” The outrage cycle begins anew. Every one adds to the Haley legend; every one makes the critics look like lead-paint-chewers.