I Have Nothing to Do With That Super PAC My Fomer Aides Work For

Luke Russert gets Eric Cantor’s answer to a fair question, which I’ll paraphrase: Why is the Young Guns Network, a Super PAC started by his aides (borrowing Cantor’s own “Young Guns” branding), sending Indianans ads about the greatness of Richard Lugar? Lugar is not – let’s be nice, now – a “young gun.”

“First of all I have not gotten involved in that race,” said Cantor, via Russert. “This is an outside group I have no control over.”

Well, all right! Except that the Young Guns Network’s lugar flirtation comes a month and change after Cantor backed Adam Kinzinger, an actual young gun, over Don Manzullo, a more conservative senior member of the House who’d courted and won over some of the movement’s leaders.