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Arne Duncan, Joe Biden Support Gay Marriage Even if President Obama Doesn’t

As much as the White House may want to keep its apparent support of gay marriage carefully worded, members of the president’s cabinet seem ready to bring it fully out of the closet.

Aides are scrambling to control the definition of President Obama’s position on marriage equality this week, after Vice President Joe Biden surprised Meet The Press viewers by saying he was “absolutely comfortable” with equal rights for same sex partners. Education Secretary Arne Duncan seemed to follow suit, saying “yes, I do,” when asked by MSNBC’s Morning Joe hosts if he believed same sex couples should be allowed to marry in the United States.

HUD Secretary Shaun Donovan has endorsed marriage equality as well, but President Obama has merely said his ideas on the issue are “evolving.” That is perhaps a sign that advisers see supporting gay marriage as a tough move to make during an election year—even if a slim majority of Americans now agree with the Bidens and Duncans of the world.

Video produced by Paca Thomas.