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Elvis Presley’s Crypt Headed to Auction: Suckers Who Believe He’s Dead To Overpay

You might not live like a king but now you can be dead like one. Elvis Presley’s crypt, where his body spent two months before being moved to its final resting place in Graceland’s meditation garden, is up for auction.

Part of a “Sports Legends and Music Icons” auction, Presley’s crypt, which will start at $100,000, will be sold alongside other less-morbid items including Yoko Ono’s sunglasses, costumes from the Jackson 5, and Bette Midler’s boots. According to the Associated Press, the winning bid will also receive “opening and closing of the vault for burial, a memorialization inscription, and use of a chapel for committal service.” 

Of course, spending money on Elvis’s crypt may be a waste of cash—everybody knows, the king lives!