Donald Trump: Just Like Cory Booker!

This actually happened just now on MSNBC’s The Daily Rundown. Chris Cillizza is guest-hosting; Mark Murray is discussing the possible dangers that Mitt Romney may face after embracing Donald Trump.

MURRAY: When he actually talks that Jeremiah Wright is fair game, that President Obama still may not have been born in the United States, whether we’re going to economic war with China, reporters are going to be asking Mitt Romney whether he disagrees with that. And that actually could be a very big distraction.

CILLIZZA: Paging Cory Booker!

Oh, come on. Booker said that the Obama campaign’s critiques of Bain Capital were “naseauting,” just like bringing up Jeremiah Wright was “nauseating.” Trump has spent more than a year making patently false claims about the president’s citizenship, and he’s spent even more time skywriting ultra-protectionist anti-China trade policy.

If Trump’s weird bigotry and jingoism are just lumped into the goofy “surrogates gone wild!” story, we’re saying surrogates can get away with anything as long as campaigns are smart about finessing it. How far do we want to take that? Can 9/11 Truth advocates start bundling again?