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Disney’s Touché Makes Awesome Touchable Digital Interface With Tables, Water

Disney Research has unveiled Disney Touché, a digital interface that could be another step away from the traditional keyboard on laptops and mobile phones.

Photo by Adam Berry/Getty Images

Disney might be best known for Mickey, but the company has developed a new technology that could now put it in the company of Google glasses and Apple computers.

In a demonstration video, Disney Research turns everyday objects like doorknobs, tables and tubs of water into a digital interface. Researchers say the technology, which they call Touché, could lead to users answering mobile phones and doing other basic computing by simply gesturing on their own body.

Touché uses a sensing circuit, which monitors changes in an electrical signal passing through an object when the object is touched by a conductive material. The technology recognizes the difference of touch by a single finger, two fingers, a grasping hand, and other gestures.

Researchers believe with development, the technology could get rid of numbers and screens on mobile phones as users simply interface with their own body instead. Not Minority Report quite yet, but impressive gesture computing could be in our future. Just make sure you pick the right ones, Disney.