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Diddy’s Son Justin Combs’ $54,000 Merit-Based Scholarship to UCLA Raises Eyebrows

It’s hard to know where Sean “Diddy” Combs’ son will place in his class at UCLA, but considering his father’s dolla dolla bills from Ciroc and beyond, there’s no question he’s part of the 1 percent.

And that’s why some Californians are upset that 18-year-old Justin Combs has been awarded a $54,000 scholarship to UCLA this coming fall for his football skills. Does the Combs family really need the money? Maybe not, but officials at the university are quick to point out the merit-based financial aid is taken from Athletic Department ticket sales for Bruins games, and won’t reduce need-based scholarship funds.

The incoming freshmen and defensive back also received scholarships from Illinois, Virginia, and Wyoming, but chose to play Division I in California. Some of his fellow students struggling with debt might not appreciate Justin’s free ride, but UCLA might more than double their money—after all, when Diddy and his son become Bruins for life, it’s only a matter of time until the alumni office starts asking for contributions.