Deb Fischer (R-Joe Ricketts)

Yesterday, before it became infamous as the group considering a new anti-Jeremiah Wright campaign, the Ending Spending Super PAC was starting to fly into the radar zone. It was coming off a fantastic victory, one with a personal meaning to funder Joe Ricketts. According to its last FEC filing, the Ending Spending Action Fund spent $254,863 on ads bucking up now-U.S. Senate nominee Deb Fischer, the dark horse candidate in Ricketts’s Nebraska. If she wins, Fischer will replace Sen. Ben Nelson – the guy who clobbered Ricketts’s son Pete in the 2006 election. (Ricketts the younger has remained in GOP politics, taking a seat on the RNC.) Fischer will owe something to Sarah Palin, whose endorsement she courted for months. But one reason Nebraska Republicans knew about the endorsement was that the Super PAC surged onto the airwaves to tell them. It was a brilliant use of late money, taking advantage of the negativity churned up by Fischer’s rivals, letting her come up the middle. Ending Spending is on the air in Wisconsin, too. Somebody tell the Barrett campaign, because they’re still going after yesterday’s villain.
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