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Cruel Summer: Kanye West and DONDA To Screen Art Film at Cannes

Remember Kanye West’s feverish tweetathon about starting his own design company DONDA, which was going to “pick up where Steve Jobs left off”? Well, maybe it wasn’t just a beautiful dark twisted fantasy after all. The rapper and latest Kim Kardashian boyfriend has announced plans to debut a short film titled Cruel Summer at the Cannes Film Festival next week. The “short art film,” which shares its name with a book title and a song by Bananarama, will be screened by DONDA outside of competition. What to expect? It’s described as a combination short film and art installation with an “immersive seven-screen experience.” West has directed his own music videos in the past, like 2010’s “Runaway.” So we can maybe look forward to winged models and large puppets? But probably not khaki cargo shorts. He hates those.