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BlackBerry 10 Released at RIM’s BlackBerry World 2012 Conference

Can Research in Motion get moving again?

The company is unveiling its new BlackBerry 10 phone and operating system at its large BlackBerry World 2012 conference in Florida this week, in the hopes the smartphone maker can keep its head above water among market seas currently ruled by iPhones and Droids.

New CEO Thorsten Heins delivered the keynote address to the conference while nearly 2,000 stripped-down versions of the new BlackBerry 10 were handed out to developers. While incomplete, RIM representatives touted the gadget’s new virtual keyboard, which reportedly adapts to the way each user types, and a camera that has a time warp function to fix your snapshot when your subjects blink.

RIM plans to sell the phones later this year, after more application support is built for the BlackBerry 10. Is the big unveiling at the three-day conference enough to keep the Canadian company in the smart phone fight? In early market trading, RIM shares were down over 3 percent.

Video produced by Krishnan Vasuvedan.