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Wisconsin Primary: Expected Win for Romney Sets Santorum’s Hopes in Pennsylvania

(Republican presidential candidate, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney speaks during a town hall style meeting at Moore Oil on April 2, 2012 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.)

Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Wisconsin: now a place of where blocks of cheese and voter turnout numbers are bountiful.

This week’s primary in America’s Dairy Land is the last big Republican nomination contest for several weeks—and one that may be another death knell for Rick Santorum’s presidential bid. Perhaps boosted by a reportedly massive robocall campaign, GOP front-runner Mitt Romney is expected to win handily—though a likely high turnout may also be related to fighting a recall effort Democrats have mounted against Governor Scott Walker for undermining collective bargaining in the state.

Crowds at recent Santorum campaign events have been small and Romney seems to be gathering even more momentum from his party’s establishment—he’ll fundraise jointly with the Republican National Committee this week.

Unless there’s an upset, Santorum may be looking to make a last stand in the state he served as Senator; Pennsylvania polling has the conservative up by 6 points. But a lead like that can disappear in three weeks, even if it is your home turf.

Video produced by Paca Thomas