The Memers and the Meme’d

Like so many “memes,”* the Newt Judges You tumbler started funny and ran out of oomph within a few weeks. The concept: Gingrich looks amusingly bored and disdainful in many, many photos. (Having interviewed Gingrich on many occasions, I can confirm that he looks like that when he’s taking questions.) The meme: Captions describing what Newt must be thinking. Like I said, it had more or less wound down. And then Newt himself discovered it. newtjudges Gingrich joins Hillary Clinton in the ranks of meme’d politicians who eventually, warmly embraced their Internet fame. Is there any downside to doing it? Flag me if you think of one.
*The word “meme” was coined to describe non-biological inventions that allowed man to do new things – eyeglasses, for example. The new, wrong definition has taken over completely. Why can’t we just call these things “viruses”?