The GSA is Every Government Agency Ever

Christian Heinze has a copy of a long ad from the American Future Fund (one of those Super PACs that vacuumed up cash in 2010 and spit it back out against swing seat Democrats) that goes long and deep on the still-building GSA scandal.

The hit on “bike-building” is a little odd, because that was the one quasi-defensible part of the whole boondoggle. (As a team-building exercise, the bureaucrats put together bikes then donated them to a Boys and Girls Club.) Still: It’s a week since the scandal was exposed by the Inspector General, and we’ve got an ad that makes swing voters risk tissue damage from slamming their “like” dials too hard. We also, according to the Hill, have an issue that Republican senators threaten(ed) to use if Democrats introduced Bowles-Simpson (or a simulcrum of same) as their budget: they were “prepared to stage amendment votes on repealing President Obama’s healthcare reform law, on the spending scandal involving lavish parties by the General Services Administration and on lowering overall spending limits.”

The irony is terrific. Yes, Minister had its Ministry of Administrative Affairs; the killer scandal of the moment concerns an agency set up to help other agencies manage themselves.